1. Accessibility Testing and Remediation

Empower your digital presence with our SaaS platform, providing continuous accessibility feedback across websites, apps, documents, and social media/marketing.

WCAG 2.0/2.1, Section 508, and ADA Compliance: Ensuring your digital assets meet global standards.

VPAT Audit & Creation: Comprehensive evaluation and reporting.

Intuitive Remediation Feedback: Clear guidance for improvements.

Consultation & Training: Tailored sessions for developers.

Usability Feedback: Insights from individuals with disabilities.

  1. Content Accessibility

Enhance document accessibility with specialized remediation services:

Versatile Support: Including STEM content, complex tables, and images.

Swift Turnaround: Prompt services at competitive rates.

International Standards Compliance: PDF/UA, Epub, etc., with custom solutions.

Expert Team: Including individuals with disabilities for authentic compliance.

  1. Usability Research and Testing

Harness unique insights from our community of 500+ individuals with disabilities:

Development Lifecycle Testing: Ongoing evaluation for continuous improvement.

Expert Consultations: Engaging sessions for nuanced understanding.

Actionable Reports: Detailed findings and ongoing support.

  1. Training and Education

Educate and sensitize your team with our comprehensive programs focusing on disability, inclusion, and accessibility:

Disability Trainings: Tailored workshops for deep understanding.

Inclusion Consulting: Strategic advice for a more inclusive workplace.

  1. Policy Development for Inclusive Practices

Develop compassionate and inclusive policies that promote accessibility and equal opportunities:

Legal Compliance: Guidance on disability-related laws and regulations.

Policy Crafting: Reflect your organization’s values and inclusivity commitment.

  1. Comprehensive Accessibility Solutions

Meet all your accessibility needs with our end-to-end solutions:

Document Remediation: Including complex layouts and images.

Fast Turnaround Time: Efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Expert Team: Genuine insights and compliance from a diverse team.

Why Choose Us?

With a commitment to excellence and inclusivity, our services meet each client’s unique needs. We comply with international standards and leverage the lived experience of our diverse team. From policy development to digital accessibility, we are your partner in building a more inclusive world.

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