Regional and National Sprints

The Global Network of Young Persons with Disabilities (GNYPWD) believes in the power of grassroots initiatives to drive change. This belief has given birth to our ‘Regional and National Sprints’ – a vibrant array of projects led by our regional and national representatives from over 80 countries.

With a structure designed to facilitate representation at every level, GNYPWD spans across diverse geographical locations and cultures. Each country has a local representative, while larger regions have regional coordinators. These dedicated individuals, all young persons with disabilities, are the embodiment of our organization’s mission, tirelessly working to bring about impactful change in their communities.

Understanding the diversity of interests and needs within our network, our ‘Sprints’ are aimed at addressing a wide range of themes. These themes are specifically chosen to align with our members’ interests and cover a broad spectrum, from education and employment to health and infrastructural accessibility. A significant focus is on disability inclusivity in technology, reflecting our commitment to breaking down barriers and opening up opportunities.

Our ‘Sprints’ are distinguished by their local focus. Each project is conceived, managed, and led by our national and regional representatives, who are intimately familiar with their communities’ unique needs and circumstances. This approach allows us to be nimble and responsive, designing initiatives that are directly relevant to the communities we serve.

To ensure that our initiatives are feasible and sustainable, we work closely with a variety of local stakeholders. These include NGOs, businesses, and government bodies, reflecting our belief in the importance of broad-based cooperation. By engaging these stakeholders, we can address issues at multiple levels, making a tangible difference in the lives of young persons with disabilities.

Despite the local focus of our ‘Sprints’, their impact resonates at a global level. The successes, learnings, and even challenges from each project are shared across our network, informing our overarching strategy and contributing to our collective impact. They inspire and guide future initiatives, creating a feedback loop that continuously enhances our effectiveness.

Our collaborations extend to international bodies like the United Nations (UN). The UN’s resources, networks, and diplomatic leverage provide significant support to our initiatives, helping us to hold decision-makers accountable and secure the rights of young persons with disabilities worldwide.

In essence, our ‘Regional and National Sprints’ encapsulate our vision of empowering young persons with disabilities through grassroots action. They embody our commitment to inclusivity, our drive to effect change, and our belief in the power of collective action. As we continue to expand our network and deepen our impact, we invite you to join us in our mission to create a world where young persons with disabilities are leaders in their communities, and their rights and needs are addressed holistically and inclusively.