Winners of the AccessAbility Innovation Challenge.

“This week, Puneet Singhal and Kartik Sawhney from GNYPWD interviewed Team AccessAble, one of the winners of the AccessAbility Innovation Challenge.

Their Project Title: Information Access on SRH Topics using Conversational Flows in Low-resource Settings

More info- People with disabilities often have limited access to sexual and reproductive health information and services, particularly in areas with limited internet access. AccessAble provides interactive engagement via SMS and Interactive Voice Response, which does not require a computer smartphone or any technical training. Available in local languages, the platform ensures that critical information and services are readily available to people with disabilities, regardless of their location or device.

We are joined by Prashant Ranjan Verma, Nikil and Shirin from AccessAble and we talk about their project, how they are using AI to leverage technology and reach the remote areas of the country and deliver accurate information regarding Sexual and Reproductive Health without internet connectivity and smartphone.”